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The Adjuncts Webseries

The beautiful and witty "The Adjuncts" is a web series I created back in 2016 with my amazing team of actors and crew.

A witty, dark comedy following six part-time college instructors as they navigate the crazy, and sometimes, cutthroat waters of academia. Watch as they strive to keep their heads above water even as their personal and professional lives threaten to drag them below the tide! The series delves into the real-life issues plaguing adjuncts with a comedic and dramatic twist. Written and produced by two former adjuncts, fiction meets reality in this smart, character-driven series with heart. 

Why I Created "The Adjuncts"

I wrote it at the time I was an adjunct, struggling and making a living in Atlanta, after my divorce. I was also influenced to write it because one of my favorite professors committed suicide while living and going through what I was going through. Someone needed to know our story and the stories of other adjunct professors.  


After the series, I went on to complete a short film about where I wanted the series to go. Now I'm looking for investors and funding to write a full series that can debut on TV. Fingers crossed!

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