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Mackleen Desravines

Upcoming Projects


"Christian is NOT Crazy" is a film about a star athlete on his way to the pros but is suffering from schizophrenia. His closest friend, Rayne, tries to ignore her best friend's downward spiral until a car accident changes their lives forever. 

We are currently in production.


"The After" is a film is about Sonny, who wakes up and realizes she has died from breast cancer. This sci-fi film touches on the difficulties and fears that come with breast cancer along with the family and friends that suffer from the diagnosis.


 We are currently in pre-production.

Films, TV Shows, Content

Final Smoke Poster.png


"Smoke" is the directorial debut of filmmaker Mackleen Desravines, which tells the story of the "Dearborne Heights Murders" case that happened in 2016. 

"Smoke" can be viewed on Amazon Prime!

the adjuncts posterboard.jpg

"The Adjuncts" Film

"The Adjuncts" film is a continuation of the finale of the web series. It also serves as a proof of concept to an hour-long drama that is being marketed to networks. 

"The Adjuncts" can be viewed on THEA Network

The Adjuncts Web Series Poster .jpg

"The Adjuncts" Webseries

A witty, dark comedy following six part-time college instructors as they navigate the crazy, and sometimes, cutthroat waters of academia.

"Adjuncts" Episodes can be viewed on Youtube or THEA Network


"The Sauce"

Marriage Coach, Imani Aieshah talk show that centers couples who discuss their experience being in long term relationships and marriages. 

"The Sauce" can be viewed on Facebook Watch. 

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Content Creator

Mackleen is cofounder of MAD House Productions that creates different commercials and video content for companies.  

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Empty Closets 

Short FIlm by LaShay Painter that was produced by MAD House Production / Mack Escape Hatch

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