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Art and the Mental Health Community 

When Christian Porter, a star college athlete headed to the pros, starts lashing out and being destructive, his friends believe he is hiding a secret. His closet friend, Rayne, tries to save her friend from destroying his life, while making excuses for his erratic behavior.

Film Synopsis

"Christian is NOT Crazy" is a film about a star athlete on his way to the pros but is suffering from schizophrenia. His closest friend, Rayne, tries to ignore her best friend's downward spiral until a car accident changes their lives forever. 

One of the specific audiences/ communities I hope to engage with is the mental health community as well as people who experience love ones who suffer from mental illness. By engaging with the mental health community, I can create a piece of art that supports their efforts in highlighting a severe issue. People connect through messages in films, and through that connection, the mental health community can have another avenue to raise more awareness. 
An audience I also hope to engage with are people who have loved ones who are suffering with mental health and sometimes just don't know what to do. Through the film, they can see and relate to different characters, are either suffering and hiding mental illness or watching their loved ones suffer.  

The Production

The production “Chris Isn’t Crazy” is a short film that will be filmed in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia.


Our pre-production is slated to start in September 2021. This includes casting, funding, locking down locations and etc.  


The key people in the film project are me and partner executive producer and Cinematographer, Doryan Sparkman. We currently have a team of professional, seasoned film crew, who are slated to join the project this summer.  

Laura Poindexter of Unbreakable Films has agreed to produce the short.

Current Sponsors and Donors


Funds and Sponsorship 

The production “Chris Isn’t Crazy” is a short film that will be filmed in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. We need the funds for pre-production, production and post production. In addition, the funds would go towards equipment rental, cast and crew cost, food, location, props, and insurance. 

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