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Main Adjuncts

Chanel Jean- Chanel is an adjunct and also a graduate student. Chanel is living off student loans and owes well over six figures of debt. This season, Chanel sides with the student who accuses an athlete of rape, after attending a college party. In addition to housing the student in her apartment, her emotions run high because of her own past experiences that reveal she was raped herself. (Age 25-30)


Tiffany Brooks- Tiffany is a married woman, who is already struggling to pay her bills. Her husband recently gets laid off, and Tiffany cannot bring herself to tell him she too got laid off. Instead of finally opening up to her husband about what happened to the adjuncts on campus, she takes a job as a sexy waitress at a high-end bar to make ends meet. When the Adjuncts rally to get their jobs back, Tiffany doesn’t join their efforts because she is too worried about her husband and two kids to support to back up the adjuncts. Her choosing her family over the adjuncts causes a rift between her colleagues on campus, one in particular Sydney. (Age 35-40) 

Sydney Jones – Sydney is going through a divorce from her husband of 8 years. She is barely making ends meet. She finds out not only has her husband lawyered up, but she doesn’t have the money to beat him in court. She had to face losing her house, car, and livelihood because she cannot afford to have representation in court. When trying to find other part-time work, her depression kicks in and stalls her from trying to move on from her broken marriage and finding a stable income. (Age 30-35)

Michael White – Mike is a struggling alcoholic. He has already lost his wife and has an estranged relationship with his son due to his alcoholism. The current layoff only makes his addiction worse. He finds himself drinking twice as much, even coming to campus drunk due to him battling demons inside. Oddly, during his troubles, Mike finds time to assist the athlete on campus with his legal problems. (Age 40-45)

David Doyle – David takes care of his ailing father who is suffering from dementia. The position he has with the college allows him to have a flexible schedule to be with his father as much as possible. With the budget cut, not only does David worry about income to take care of his father, he worries about the livelihood his father will have during his possible last days. He fights with Mike a lot because he sees Mike as someone who is wasting his life. Mike, for David, reminds him of his father which is why they clash so much. (Age 30-35)

Rishik Hisar – Rishik is homeless. He cannot afford to pay for his apartment anymore. With his pending layoff, Rishik cannot prove he can pay for even a roommate application. He lives in his car and arrives at school early to clean up before starting school. Out of all the adjuncts, he is the kindest. He keeps his current to himself as he tries to find a solution to his problems. (Age 30-35)


Supporting Characters 
Faith Jones: A new student at Stephen Mack College. She goes to a summer semester party and meets Nigel, a basketball star at the college. In the following days of the party, she calls the police and claims Nigel raped her. Faith comes from a small town and is the first one to attend college. She comes off as shy and timid. She deals with insecurity when attending college for the first time and trying to make her way around a place that is entirely new to her normal environment. (Age 18-21)

Nigel Powell: Popular basketball star athlete, who is out to make a name for himself. He comes from a humble background — the youngest out of 5 and the first to attend college. His mother is a single mother, who sacrificed everything to get him to college. Nigel’s parents split when he was ten years old. His father tries to hold a relationship with him, but Nigel rejects it because he feels like his father was not there for him. Nigel feels the heavy weight on his shoulders to make it because everyone, where he comes from, never makes it out the hood unless it is through death or prison. (Age 18-21)

Samantha Winters: Samantha is a popular student at Stephens Mack being she is a sorority girl who came from a family of sororities and frat brothers. She’s had a relationship in the past with one of her professors, which she still clings on and maintains a relationship with Nigel. As popular as Samantha is, she is insecure. (Age 18-21)

Nicole Smith: Nicole is friends with both Samantha and Nigel. A rift comes between their relationship because Nigel is being accused of rape. She finds herself stuck in between the two. Her relationship with Nigel is very close because they grew up together. She met Samantha in college, and they were dorm-mates who didn’t get along at first but became close when Samantha got with Nigel. (Age 18-21)

Dr. Caleb Smith: Caleb is the campus dean. He is the man in charge to ensure the campus runs smoothly. If anything happens on his campus, he is the first that is supposed to know. He used to teach for the school as a tenured professor, but through his wife, he was promoted to be campus dean. His real passion is to write books and be a full-time author, but his demanding wife looks at his book writing as a hobby and doesn’t take it seriously. (Age 40-45)

Natasha King: Natasha is a counselor at the college. She deals with a load of students with many issues. She begins to have her problems when she finds out she is pregnant with an adjunct who just recently lost his job and is friends with his girlfriend. Trying to decide to have a baby and manage her workload begins to become very hard for her. Things take a turn for the worse when rumors fly that she might also lose her job. (Age 35-40)

Basketball Coach Rich: Rich is the head basketball coach at Stephen’s Mack. He cares a lot for his players and goes out of his way for them. When one of his players, Nigel, gets accused of rape, he tries to help him. In the midst of him trying to help, his assistant coach reminds him that the school is likely cutting positions and could merge. He needs to have a good reputation and to cut Nigel from the team and cutting all ties will secure him a job at the new school. Rich hates leaving someone behind, but he has his own real family to think about. His wife and new baby need him and losing his job or being passed over for promotion is not something he is willing to do, not for Nigel or anybody. (Age 40-45)

Melissa Smith: Melissa is the Vice President of the college. She is the one who helps makes decisions for the college. She is cut throat and has little to no patience with nonsense. Her job is to help run the college, and she will do just that. Appearances are important to her, but she struggles with looking good in front of people because of her husband. She wants him to be all about academia so they can look and be the power couple. She came from a poor background and worked her way to where she is. She does not understand or empathize with people who go through hardships because she doesn’t believe in handouts. Her nonchalant attitude becomes apparent when making decisions to cut adjuncts. (Age 40-45)

Luke Roberts: Luke is the President of the school. The face of everything that Stephens Mack College is about. He is under fire because the school has lost 20 million dollars and had to cut back on the college’s funds. The money goes missing, and he is the one to blame. He is stressed out over the audit that the school must have to find a way to figure out where the funds came from. He doesn’t know who to trust because of it and is facing jail time as a result. (Age 45-50)

Shelly Walker: Shelly is the VPAA (Vice President of Academic Affairs) She supports the president and also supports faculty. When the issues erupt at the college about the money going missing, she tries to help Luke keep his head up. Things get fired up when she and Luke get into an argument about whose fault it is that 20 million dollars go missing. (Age 40-45)

Ruth Petty: Ruth is the comic relief of the series. Dr. Ruth Petty is the most ruthless tenured professor on campus. Her no-nonsense attitude is rigorous. She’s known never to shift off her syllabus. She is very direct with students, faculty, and staff. (Age 40-45)

Adam Campbell: Phillip is the humanity dean that looks over the entire humanities department and also the social sciences. He is passionate about his professors, including “The Adjuncts.” He tries to figure out possible solutions to the problems on campus when it comes to his professors, but he is so swamped with responsibilities that it begins to affect his health.  (Age 45-50)

Aaron: Nigel’s basketball teammate the quickly starts to take his place once Nigel is suspended from the team. Aaron is his rival. (Age 18-25)




DATES: April 13th & 14th 

Email heads shots, reels and resumes 


Shooting Locations

Atlanta Metro Area

Shooting Schedule Dates

June 6th - August 10th

Shooting days Thursday - Sunday 


The web series "The Adjuncts" is being filmed as a complete 30-minute show. All acting positions will be paid. SAG actors are encouraged to apply. 

We are going to need series regulars, supporting roles, and extras. 

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