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"From my journey of growing up with a single mother, to the struggles in my career, I write what I know. My content reflects things that I’ve learned, life experiences, and stories from people around me." -Mackleen

Mackleen Desravines is an Atlanta filmmaker by way of Boston, Massachusetts. Mackleen started her career in film by writing and producing her web series “The Adjuncts” currently on Youtube in 2016. From there, she continued to film and produce other films both long and short form. “Smoke” is her first feature film and also her directorial debut released in 2018.

She has been nominated and won for over 10 awards including BronzeLens Film Festival 2019 for "Smoke". She has been featured in Voyager ATL and Times Higher Education.

Mack, as close friends would call her, is currently working on her newest film, "He Isn't Crazy" that is projected to be filmed 2020 and released 2021. 

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