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Get to Know Me

Mackleen Desravines

Talking about myself, the hardest thing I ever have to do. Where do I even start? 


I've been writing my entire life. I'm not kidding. I wrote my first poem about God sitting in a chair in the 5th grade and refused to recite it because I saw so shy. I'm still shy. Since my debut as a writer, I've gone on an written for many magazines, newspapers and my greatest accomplishment thus far (other than my bio) "The Adjuncts" and later my first movie "Smoke".


In addition to my creative triumphs, as a writer, director, and producer for my own projects, I have also produced other short films and directed commercials. I have even a web show, called "The Sauce" coming out fall 2019.

M.A.D. Film House

I run a production company, M.A.D. Film House with my partner/hubby Doryan Sparkman. 

M.A.D. House shoots commercials, films both (long and short form), documentaries, training videos and more. Check us out 

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I am a College Professor!!!

That's right! You read that right. I am a college professor. I teach English composition and literature. I'd tell you to check my rate my professor but it would be a shame to spoil anyone's experience in my classroom. 

I have been teaching in higher education since 2009! I am launching my own creative school fall 2019. These courses will assist independent filmmakers, writers and producers how to write and run a set. 

This is where people can sign up and take my workshops and courses. Workshops are free and you can pay for courses. They are inexpensive and fun!

Mack Blog!

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I love writing. It has always been my first love. I have been able to write things from scripts to articles, blogs and more. I write blogs for myself or guest blog on others. I have written most of my own projects but I have also written for others in their projects such as films both long and short form and more. Fun fact, I love open mics. Ya might catch me speaking about adjuncts or injustice on a stage. 

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I have produced my own projects as well as others. I have produced, web series, short films, feature films and even commercials. Drop me and line and let's work together. 


I also have my own team that consists of camera ops, gaffers, grips, DP and other producers and writers I collaborate with. We are dependable and hard working. 

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Madam Director they call me, actually they just scream "MACK!" but I've directed my own film, TV shows, and corporate commercials. 

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